1. What I get for the subscription ?

You can see the complete videos.

2. How long is the Subscription ?

You can choose between 30 or 45 days from the activation of your account.

3. How much is the subscription ?

$24.99 USD for 30 days

$29.99 USD for 45 days.

4. What kind of Credit or Debit Card accepted ?

VISA , Mastercard , Maestro , Discover , American Express.

5. It’s just a single payment for the subscription ?

Yes , one payment.

6. Can I cancel my subscription?

No,  you can not until your subscription period is over.

7. Can I watch videos from Android OS (Smartphone,Tablet)?

Yes , you can.

8. Can I download videos to my PC?

Yes , all videos.

9. Can I watch the videos anywhere?

Yes , just need an internet connection.

10. Which is the amount of videos available?

More than 400 videos and growing ….

11. Do you have some relationship with the people that appear in the videos ?

No , We have no any relationship.

12. The complete videos will come with the logo of the website?

No, only for sample videos.