Mr. “HardCock” and his Webcam Girls – Part 2

This is the second part of this vicious guy , a lover of virtual sex with girls that he knows in chat rooms.
Here , we see him with other girls that he met in chat rooms of Latin America.
Here again, he shows his great cock and eggs to the girls who want to see this show live from webcam.
Some girls get turned on watching this show and they also participate in this show, the girls also masturbate and excited much with him.
Let's see how does the girls fall rendered to his sexual allure.

duration: 74min




Sexual Adventures with my Housekeeper

Two hot scenes in one video where an engineer from the city of Mexico has a sexual encounter with a housekeeper at home.
Taking advantage of the engineer's wife is out of town for a few days, this lusty engineer seduces her to have sex.
This girl has some nice tits and a great ass, she is 25 y/o and her boss is 42 years old.
In the first scene, the girl is a bit nervous at the start , but gradually she is eager to fuck.
In the second scene, the girl is with her hair down and she has much more desire to fuck with her boss.
In Mexico is very common in the girls who work at home that they have any sexual encounter with the owner of the house for various reasons, one of them is for wanting to gain more confidence or feel more protected or for a salary increase.

duration: 35min




Vacation in Puerto Vallarta - Series I

A new series enters our gallery of videos from the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta.
Many people come to this city to enjoy beautiful beaches and beautiful girls.
In this video, a sexy girl native of the area has a very intense sexual encounter with her boyfriend in a hotel near the beach.
This girl has a very nice latino body with a great ass, she moves very well when fucking with her boyfriend in the whole scene.
This is the first part of this series will be the delight of all who see it. We love you Jalisco!!

duration: 18min




Dr. Sifuentes and his Hot Private Nurse

A very typical scene within hospitals or health centers here in Mexico, the clandestine relationship between doctor and nurse after working hours.
Dr. Sifuentes works in a hospital in Mexico City and he has as office assistant to a lovely young girl of 24 years, she fully supports and makes the whole job very quickly and efficiently.
For these reasons, this doctor fell in love with her and after several eating out, They decided to combine their love even though this doctor is a married man with children.
Here , we see them in a room of a hotel on the outskirts of Mexico City unleashing uncontrollable passions.
The nurse begins an intense oral sex giving her man while he enjoying all the pleasure that she makes.
Next, the nurse is very excited and She begins to fuck the doctor raring mad passion for hardcore sex in different sexual positions until reach orgasm.
When the forbidden love and desire come together, we can see such scenes.

duration: 24min




University Professor and his Student from UAZ

A professor at the University of Zacatecas has a sexual encounter with one of his students in the room of a hotel.
This teacher is very well known within the University by helping girls in exchange for sex .
This girl went where the teacher to overcome a pending matter in college and thus pass with good grades academic year.
The girl is 22 y/o and she has a big tits that will excite the teacher in the whole scene.

duration: 25min




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