Old Tourist Meets Two Busty Ladies in Puerto Vallarta (#cod 409)

The tropical city of Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place for all tourists who come for fun on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

In the different nightclubs we can meet women looking for good moments of fun with tourists of all nationalities but preferably from the United States and Europe.

In this occasion, an American tourist of 65 years of good physical and mental form seeks entertainment in a club and there he meets these two busty ladies of 34 and 38 years old ready to have a crazy night of partying, drinks and sex.

After a few hours, the three of them go to the hotel to continue the fun in a more private way, the two women are dressed in sexy lingerie to stimulate the deepest desires of the old tourist.

One of the women is more busty than the other and both are eager to give their best at every moment and thus satisfy their old lover.

As you will see in the whole scene, the tourist despite his age , he has many energies to offer his two latin lovers and take a good memory of his stay in Mexican lands.


duration: 40min