55 Years Old Teacher and Young Tourist – Part 1 (#cod 429)

A 55-year-old Spanish teacher maintains a loving relationship with one of his foreign students who come from the United States to the city of Tijuana to learn this beautiful language in the different schools in this northern city.

This is the first video that we will see of this couple where the difference of age and culture will not be impediments to carry out a relationship of love and sex.

She is a beautiful student of 23 years, beautiful body and eager to know the Mexican culture in all its aspects.

Another thing that will catch your attention is that this old man , despite his age , he has an overflowing energy towards his foreign lover and without taking any pill to motivate his sexual desire.

We are going to see that the American girls when they have a good Mexican lover in front of them, they release themselves to the passion of the moment and they live sex to the full , contradicting the opinion that they are cold in bed.


duration: 27min