A Quickie Before My Husband Back Home (# 657)

A married woman calls her lover on a Friday afternoon to have a quickie before her husband back home at night so she doesn’t raise any suspicions of her cheating.

She has everything ready for his arrival and thus be able to make the most of the short time they have, such as leaving the window open to see if her husband can arrive earlier and ruin the date.

She has a very great sexual desire from the beginning of the scene, maybe she has not had real sex for a long time and here we will see her enjoy every second with her lover in the same bed where she sleeps with her husband at night .

It is incredible the amount of sex positions that both do in such a short time and the adrenaline that both experience because it is a forbidden situation but at the same time pleasant.

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Duration: 19min

Resolution: HD / Size: 226MB