Blonde Teen Gets Paid to Fuck by Older Guy (# 609)

A horny 21 y/o blonde teen is hired by a 42 y/o older guy  to provide her sexual services in a hotel in Mexico City after working in an office during the day.

From the beginning , she is very happy with her old friend, it seems as if they were lovers or something like that because it is rare to find an escort in Mexico with that personality.

We will see that she likes sex a lot in the whole scene because she enjoys every second from a blowjob made by him to riding on him and feeling  several orgasms come to her during that very pleasant moment.

Here , we can learn two things , first , the person who loves her job will offer an excellent service and second one being with a girl younger than you will rejuvenate you in every way but especially in sex more than your old  and ugly wife.

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Duration: 14min

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