“El Chente” Juarez and his Lovely Girlfriends – Series III (#cod 216)

We continue with the sexual adventures of this popular character that comes from Chihuahua city to the world.

This time, “El Chente” manages to gather her two girlfriends in a hotel room for a night of passion and lust.

It is the first time that Maria Fernanda and Crisitna make a threesome , is a new experience for them , through the power of conviction of “El Chente” manages to meet and they decide to do so to fulfill a sexual fantasy that he has for many years.

At the begin the scene, We see to them talk about this new experience and thus gain confidence. After that, they embrace and fondling one another to warm their bodies to continue fucking.

Cristina is the shyest of girls but that reason “El Chente” starts to fuck her , then do the same with Maria Fernanda who is more willing to sexually satisfy of her boyfriend.

As both are their girlfriends, “El Chente” need not use condom and he fucks every pussy at the same time Here you will see the energies of “El Chente” to fuck two women at once for almost an hour.


duration: 25min