Grunge Band Comes to Mexico (#cod 528)

An American grunge band comes to Mexico as part of a mini tour of two weeks in several states from Tijuana to CDMX but the band’s guitarist has one last sexual encounter with his new Mexican “girlfriend” before returning to his country.

Here , she is 22-year-old girl and fan of the band , she  will do her best to please him in bed in order that he changes his plans to return and stays in Mexican lands for a long period and maybe they can have a more serious relationship ( hahaha, most local girls want that shit…)

She is not so pretty face but has a spectacular body and most importantly thing, she enjoys 100% sex with him , from a intense blowjob, massages to relax the body and the way she is ready to get pounded by a big cock with great pleasure.

duration: 28min