I Fuck My Teacher After Guitar Lessons (# 615)

A 19 y/o cute teen  girl goes to her private guitar lessons and always ends up fucking with her teacher after 2 hours of long and intense teaching in the theory and practice of the guitar, there is no doubt that if she continues to that rhythm of study she will become an expert in a couple of years at the same level as santana or jimi hendrix.

From the beginning , she feels an intense desire to have sex with her teacher to the point of not letting go of sucking his thick cock while he arranges his personal stuff and puts on the condom before fucking her , apparently she is a very anxious of huge veiny cocks.

Despite having a slim body, she can withstand all the hard pounded by her teacher in many sexual positions as a sign of the great love she has for him during the time they both have as lovers.

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Duration: 38min

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