I Record My Wife While I’m not Home (# 625)

A 38 y/o married woman is recorded with a hidden camera by her cuckold husband cheating on him with her lover at home in the city of Tijuana.

This guy placed a camera because he suspected an infidelity of his wife by a chat she had with a man he saw on her Facebook page a week ago.

Here , we can see the man enter the room after having taken a bath without any fear of being seen while she is very impatient to start fucking with him before her husband returns home and can catch them.

The wife has a huge ass that will be groped by her lover several times while she loves his cock because she sucks it several times to the point that he tells her to stop because he wants to start fucking.

We will see how she enjoys being pounded by him as perhaps she does not enjoy it with her boring  husband  because of the same married sexual routine they have every day.

At the end of the video , you can see that someone enters the room but at that moment the video is cut, most likely it is the husband or who knows ? but the most important thing is that she enjoyed that moment with great pleasure from the beginning to the end .

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Duration: 13min

Resolution: HD / Size: 146MB