My Client Wants Sex After Gets Tattooed (#cod 576)

A beautiful girl goes to a tattoo shop after working at an Auto Show in CDMX as a hostess and ends up fucking her tattoo artist friend after being tattooed a second time on her right leg.

We will see that minutes after starting his work, she begins to flirt with him by touching his hair and playing with his mask, that’s where the best part begins because she gets more horny and lets her friend suck her small nipples and  her shaved pussy until she gets wet then they both fuck without condom.

At the end, this guy is very aroused by all the enjoyment he is experiencing so far and asks the girl to have anal sex but she is not used to this type of sex and she says no in a clear and precise way.

Just like in this video, It is very common to see in tattoo shops here on CDMX that cute girls come looking for a good tattoo on their bodies and make a very special deal with the tattoo artist to be their lover in exchange for an artistic job well done.

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duration: 21min