My GF Allows Me To Fuck Lot of Women (#cod 517)

A couple meets a pretty girl at a swinger party in San Diego and after a few days they organize a small meeting at home a summer afternoon and ending in a delicious threesome.

The two girls begin to play with each other with kisses and mutual caresses as if they were two lesbian lovers while the BF records the scene eager to go to bed and fuck with them.

The dude starts fucking with his girlfriend while she sucks her new girl’s pussy, the two girls have a very flexible body to do many sexual maneuvers in bed and enjoy sex to the limit….You will know who the GF is for an important detail throughout the scene.

Having the support of your girlfriend to fuck another girl is a unique experience, there are only a few girls who do that and if you have a girlfriend like her so you are a lucky guy in this life.

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duration: 12min