Recording my Girlfriend in the Living Room (#cod 165)

A group of college friends and lovers of heavy metal in their leisure time meet in a friend’s house in Mexico DF and they decide to record one of them with his girlfriend in the living room.

The guy knows that friends recording him and makes its best effort to come out as a lover in the video while the girl does not realize about the record and she comes fully to sexual pleasure to get from her boyfriend.

This scene has everything from anal sex to good blowjob from the girl. Every moment the friends that is recording the scene , they had move the camera when the girl is looking up on the second floor to avoid suspicion while the guy wants to show off sexual skills to his friends.

This good recording ended with the bride satisfied with the great task of his boy. After the scene, the guy receives the congratulations of his friends for the good work done and the excellent video recorded


duration: 25min