The Jealous Lover and Cheating Husband I (#cod 268)

This is a story of infidelity that is repeated in our beloved Mexico, two clandestine lovers find a weekend to have sex to get out of the daily routine of their boring marriages.

The girl that you will see in the video is the private secretary of this lustful construction engineer and she is very jealous of her lover because she always asks him what place he has been and with whom. .

She does not know that this engineer has also has a separate relationship with a sexy lawyer which comes at the end of this video.

Here ,We will see in action this woman how pleases her lover that he did not leave her for another woman., she is very cautious in every way.

This is the first video of them that took place in the private apartment of the engineer who uses it only to bring their lovers in an upscale area of Mexico DF.


duration: 30min