The King of Parties in Sinaloa (#cod 547)

In the northern city of Sinaloa , it is very common on weekends that local parties are organized where people go in search of fun with the traditional  bands of the city.

In this video , we will see a mature guy of 45 y/o very frequent concurrent of these parties where he can seduce several women younger than him with his great charisma and take them to bed and enjoy a night of good sex together.

Listening to a selection of popular northern bands, this guy starts a new sexual adventure with with a horny single mother , we can see that the girl is very excited to be sharing a Saturday night in her bed and she  gets carried away by him throughout the scene.

We will see later, more scenes of the king of the parties in sinaloa with different women who fall surrendered to him for a strange reason that only he will know.

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duration: 12min