We got Drunk and Went to a Hotel (#cod 586)

After celebrating at a local carnival party and drinking several beers, a young couple decides to continue the fun at a nearby hotel in the area with 2 hours before the dawn of a new day in the city of Veracruz.

The scene begins when they arrive drunk at the hotel after spending most of the night celebrating the town’s carnivals, with a glass of beer in hand, she is very excited to be able to spend the night with her beloved boyfriend and will please him from the beginning to the end.

During the scene, we can hear the sounds of the carnival fireworks while they are lost in the delicious sexual encounter that both have after a week without seeing each other due to their classes at the institute.

Everything seems to indicate that drinking alcohol before fucking is a good way to keep adrenaline levels high because this couple proves it, at least until almost at the end when he is seen somewhat exhausted due to a lot of pelvic movement but his girlfriend wants more and says to him: “put your balls on me”.

duration: 33min