Bachelorette Sex Party

A bachelorette sex party is the perfect setting to the ladies on the show have fun with the sex guys that they hired for the party, this recording was made on a Saturday night in 2004 in San Diego, after the show the ladies are very excited by the movements of the stripper guys and the drinks taken , then some ladies fucked with boys in an inconspicuous place in the house , but a camera records the whole scene without her knowing because most of them are married, this show takes place in the city of San Diego to the mexican community in the area.

duration: 22min




Mexican Northern Couple

A hot couple from Nueva Leon town show a moment of intimacy when they are alone at home, the couple takes the output of the groom's parents to make sexual mischief in the dining room and save money on hotel accommodations , he put a hidden camera in sofa recording all scene and then show to his friends.

duration: 20min




My Spanish Teacher

She works at a state school in the area of Tamaulipas as a Spanish teacher , In this video we can see her fucking with her boyfriend after the educational activities , is the way to relax from the daily routine with plenty of sex and this way starting a good day.

duration: 39min




Love of the Mexican Way

This scene is one of the most exciting from start to finish, here a couple from Mexico DF really shows us how fucking to the mexican way, the groans of the girl is a clear example of how much it is enjoying, this girl at 23 , lives sex in a unique way, the movements of her big tits and ass will draw attention throughout the scene as well as the intensity of this couple fucking all night long at hotel.

duration: 28min




Nasty Mature Lady

A mature single mother of Puebla city has an affair with her ??co worker in a hotel , Is another case of infidelity in a very hot scene where the lady enjoys very well fucking to reach a real orgasm.

duration: 25min




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