Dancing and Fucking with my Two Female Friends

A night out in a disco became intense and exciting threesome where an entertainment entrepreneur fucks with two female friends to the rhythm of reggaeton latino in Mexico DF.
In this scene , we see the perfect combination of dance and sex at the same time with these three horny friends.
The scene starts dancing a sexy reggaeton, touching and fondling with each other to become fully aroused and then go to bed to continue the party.
In bed, the guy starts to fuck with a friend and then the other with great passion and energy.
Here , We see the great energy that has this young businessman having sex with her two friends about 1 hours nonstop and pleasing them at all times.
A good video for those people who like group sex and with two women much better !!

duration: 60min




50 years businessman and his young lover 24 years

Many men when they reach middle age after 40 years decide to seek younger women to enjoy sex as younger years.
In this scene, we see a 50-year old businessman and married with older children with a young lover of 24 years in a luxurious apartment in Mexico City.
They met at the gym where they go to exercise their bodies, there emerged a beautiful friendship and then a clandestine relationship because he is married and she has a boyfriend.
He pleases throughout her young lover with expensive gifts and romantic dinners at fancy restaurants and she pleased him offering good sex when both are together.
We will see much intense sex that offers this couple and see how the big age difference does not affect anything sexual performance of both.

duration: 28min




Threesome with My Two Girlfriends

A Lucky guy shares his intimacy with us in this scene when he is taking two girlfriends at the same time in a Hotel room in Guadalajara city , this is the most exciting way to spend the time. .

duration: 59min



Dr. Sifuentes and his Lovers in Monterrey - Series I

Dr. Sifuentes is a well-known doctor in the Monterrey area, to his office going many pretty women looking to solve their skin problems .
Some women are attracted to him and they want to experience something more than a simple conversation.
In this scene, We'll see Dr. Sifuentes with an attractive girl in his exclusive apartment on a Friday night after work and dinner with this cute girl.
This blonde girl (not natural, of course) is wearing a fuchsia panties that goes crazy Dr. Sifuentes in the beginning then both are delivered to the passion of the moment to unleash their sexual instincts.
There will be more videos of this lustful doctor with other women with very hot scenes of hard and wild sex.

duration: 30min




Hotel Tijuana

A young couple decide spend their free time together going to Tijuana city in North of Mexico , They want to celebrate their first anniversary as lovers making love nonstop in a Hotel near to the city , this scene was recorded in 2002.

duration: 58min



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