Matias Luna and his Two Girlfriends

Matias Luna is a contemporary dance instructor who works at a gym in Mexico City.
In his dance classes, there are only girls who are his students, Matias is a very charismatic and charming guy with his students and they are very happy having like their teacher.
There are several girls who fall in love with him, especially the less physically graceful.
In this scene, we will see Matias in his room awaiting the arrival of two girls on the same day.
First , come one of his students, a chubby girl and very in love with him, talk a bit and then start to caress and kiss , then go to fuck in various sexual positions.
A few hours later, the other girl arrives, she is also a chubby girl, she has a huge ass Matias likes.
At the end, Matias will be happy to sexually satisfy to the two girls.

duration: 62min




Sexy Escort from Cancun Part III

A new scene with this hot escort from the resort of Cancun.
Here , we see to her with another American tourist doing a full sexual service.
This escort has a habit of having sex with former clients without a condom as in this video.
This escort has many videos that were recorded by their customers when they had sex with her and then distributed on the black market in Mexico city.
In this video, we will see two scenes that recorded this tourist with this lovely bitch of 26 y/o.
We will see much intense sex and 100% amateur from Mexico

duration: 55min




Married Couple Fucking After Work

A married couple after a hectic day of work, they decide to relax having a relaxing time together at home and thus clear the mind for the following days of the week.
It is very true that in modern societies where people are full of stress and many problems, a good dose of sex is the magic bullet to lead a full and happy life

duration: 25min




My Busty Lover Fucking Very Well

There are few women who have a huge desire to have sex with their lovers, women such as they are commonly called nymphets or lovers of pleasure.
In this scene we will see a beautiful girl of 28 y/o of the city of Tampico fucking like a real bitch in heat.
This girl has a lush body with a great ass, she works as an assistant in a travel agency and she has a habit of masturbating every day to quench her sexual desires.
In this video that was recorded by her lover, she does a little erotic dance before fucking then makes one of the best blowjobs ever befor.
At the time of more warmth, she rides her lover with great force and intensity to reach a fucking orgasm in this amatory session.

duration: 38min




Hotel Morelos - Series II

Morelos city again becomes present in our Mexican homemade sex gallery.
This time, an engaged couple are staying in a budget hotel in the center of town to have a good time together.
The girl has a nice tits that are move to the rhythm of sexual positions throughout the scene.
Here we will see that the city of Morelos is among the cities where people enjoy sex with a lot of intensity

duration: 20min




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