American Tourist Meets Two College Girls – Part 1 (#cod 440)

A 30-year-old American tourist has a sexual encounter with two college girls of 19 and 20 years old during his visit to the beaches of Cancun in Mexico.

He is also an expert in the art of seduction and because of this talent he easily meets two pretty girls who were also on vacation too and they quickly accepted with great enthusiasm his proposal to spend a moment together in his hotel room.

The sunny afternoon is the right time to have a delicious threesome with these two beautiful Mexicans girls – said the tourist himself – after enjoying some cold beers and have a very pleasant conversation about the various places where they can go to have fun during your stay in this heavenly place.

With one camera installed on his forehead and the other on the table, this libidinous tourist manages to capture two scenes at once both near and far to better appreciate this intense moment of group sex.

The accelerated music that is heard in the room makes the sex hormones of this seducer increase three times more and he can fuck without any problem or fatigue with these two young girls at the same time and as one of them says in a moment of the scene “you fuck very well gringo “….of course in Spanish and using Mexican slang..

If you are a good observer, you will be able to know which girl the tourist liked the most and maybe in the future they will be something more than a simple temporary diversion because the attraction was reciprocated by her too … And what do you expect to come to Mexico and enjoy with our beautiful women willing to meet men from other parts of the world ??


duration: 26min