Benito Vergara and his Mature Friends – Part I (#cod 255)

Another character who enters our gallery of hot videos, Benito Vergara is a young gym instructor 24 years old in the city of Mexico, because of his work has much contact with women who come to ask your personal trainer services in the gym.

These women are the majority of 30 years up and some are attracted physically by Benito Vergara and they want more than only friendship.

In this video, we see Benito Vergara with a mature friend of 34 years old , she is a blonde girl with a great ass and some nice tits, two things that caught the attention of Benito for a appointment with her alone after training.

The lady is very excited to see the great penis of Benito and she makes a blowjob with great passion and intensity.

Then she rides on top of him to feel the full power of Benito sex to reach orgasm. She is very satisfied with the sexual performance of Benito and is an event that will see again for another intimate and enjoyable encounter in the future.


duration: 25min