Foursome with My Girlfriend and Two Bisexual Girls (#cod 418)

A crazy night of sex and alcohol had a young couple with two female friends who met at a swinger club on a Saturday night in Mexico City.

After having a good time dancing and drinking until dawn, a couple and their two new friends who met in that place decide to continue the fun in a room inside the club listening at all times to the noise of music while they are fucking each other with a lot of pleasure.

As you can see in the video, this couple starts the sex party by fucking each other while the two girls kiss and caress each other waiting for the moment to share together in the same bed.

After a few minutes, begin the exchanges between them , where the most important thing is to share and give that mutual satisfaction that is typical of sexual group encounters.

In one moment of the scene we see the girlfriend, a tall and slender girl, she gets excited watching her boyfriend fucks another woman while she lets herself suck the vagina for the other girl, a very exciting scene !!.

The swinger culture in our country is increasing but always discreetly in exclusive places where a couple can choose to spend the night with another couple or with a woman or man according to the preference of each of them and the attraction of the moment .


duration: 33min