Small Party Became a Foursome (#cod 425)

Two young couples met and organized a small party in an apartment of one of them and ended up in a total orgy where they had shared sex without stopping all Saturday night accompanied by good music and some liquor in Mexico DF.

The sexual party begins with each of them caressing and kissing their respective couples in love , the girls kiss each other to warm up and be hotter for their boyfriends.

Little by little they get more excited and the exchange of couples begins to flow spontaneously giving each one a delicious blowjob in a very entertaining environment where everything can happen.

Almost reaching the end, the blonde girl and her man decide to stop by the fatigue of the moment and they leave the bed free to the other girl in glasses with her boyfriend finish their intense and pleasurable sexual fantasy.

There is nothing more pleasant like having a party and ending up fucking with your friends in the most natural way possible with very good disposition of both so that everything ends in a rain of delicious orgasms.


duration: 20min