I Fucked The Horniest Bitch in Mexicali (#cod 549)

A lucky chubby dude spends all his savings for a month to get the sexual services of one of the most requested whores in the nightclub where she works in the central region of Mexicali.

Here , we see them together in a hotel room next to the club, she comes with a sexy white pants adjusted to her legs where we can see her beautiful ass, she is short but moves very well in bed also she does everything possible to please her client.

A funny moment is when he has to stop because he cannot continue due to the intense heat that is experienced in that northern area in the summer season and because his greasy body sweats a lot with the movements but she is very understanding and they rest for a moment and then continue fucking until the end.

Draw your own conclusions, folks, was it really worth paying 150 dollars for an hour and a half of service with this pretty whore or are there better than her?

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duration: 45min