My GF Scolds Me for Smoking Weed (#cod 550)

A young street artist is scolded by his teen girlfriend when he was getting ready to smoke some weed while she finished taking a shower and she was preparing to spend an afternoon together after her university classes.

At first, she is somewhat angry about that fact but he tells her that it is nothing serious and tells her to try a little, she accepts and something unexpected happens, she feels more relaxed and  more encouragement to be with him next to him and share an afternoon of full sex.

We are going to see that the effects were good to have an intense sexual encounter from the beginning, she enjoys it intensely every second with much naturalness and ease before the strong onslaught of her boyfriend in each sexual position.

Something happens almost halfway through the scene when he takes out a bottle of liquor called here “Mezcal” which is similar to Tequila and both start drinking to feel more relaxed and pleasure when fucking.

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duration: 30min