I Got a Teen Girlfriend in Mexico (#cod 462)

An American tourist visiting our Mexican land manages to seduce a beautiful 19-year-old college student who later will becomes his girlfriend.

Here , we are going to see a sex scene that they had on a summer afternoon in the rented room of the American tourist, she is very accommodating with him from the beginning like every good Mexican girl enjoying with the guy she likes.

She, despite being young has a good perfonmance in sex, she very much likes to receive in her young pussy the big white cock of her boyfriend, without condom or anything else that hinders pure and natural sex as our ancestors the Aztecs did.

It is very easy to know that with this good attention in bed by her, this American seducer will stay in our lands for a long time or maybe all his life, because Mexican girls are willing to make life very pleasant to the tourists from other countries and not like women from those regions of the north and Europe that they are like ice tempanos.