My Professor of Art History (#cod 461)

A cute and young 19 year old student of art and design in a private institute has a sexual encounter with her teacher 15 years older than her in his photo studio in the northern city of Tijuana.

She is very dedicated in her studies and she loves photography , so in this way, they both knew each other beyond the classrooms and they managed to have a closer relationship of love and sex.

She decides to be recorded by her teacher as a token of appreciation for the great teachings imparted to her, she at first is a little shy but eager to please her teacher as evidenced by her wet panties due to the caresses and kisses of her mature lover.

The scene begins with the teacher giving a long and delicious blowjob to his young student, she enjoys it very much then she obeys all the orders of her teacher as if they were both in classes, it is amazing how her pussy gets wet during the whole scene .

There is someone else in the room at that moment, is a woman behind the camera and if you watch the whole video you will be able to realize that she was there watching them and maybe touching herself at the same time, that makes this video more interesting ….who will be the mysterious woman?