I Got Myself an American Sugar Daddy (#cod 552)

A beautiful 23-year-old brunette girl with a spectacular body meets a 48-year-old American guy in a prestigious gym where both come to train in the heart of the city of Guadalajara.

Since then, both have an open relationship where he pleases her in all her whims like brand clothes and some trips to Cancun and Miami, she corresponds him with good sex every time they see each other.

In this scene , we see them both in the temporary apartment where they live 2 months ago  having an intense sex session in the room, she has a beautiful and big ass that is the true reason for attraction of all the men who approach her on the street.

Throughout the scene, she behaves like a female who wants to satisfy her man, very submissive and at the same time very horny, two things that arouse every modern man.

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duration: 24min