Tony “El Mariachi” Moreno Adventures – Series 1 (#cod 249)

A new character named Tony “El Mariachi” Moreno enters our hot video gallery. Tony is a lover of sex without limits and without any resort, he lives very hard sex with women who look to him for having a good time relaxing together.

Tony also is a musician in his spare time and he plays in various pubs and also in particular events, for that reason, he carries the nickname of “El Mariachi”.

For his bohemian life as a musician, he has the opportunity to meet several women at parties, they fall in love too fast for him for his good treatment and kindness towards them.

Tony has a habit of recording every sexual encounter with his lovers because he delights after watching all the videos, he has the dream of one day becoming a porn star.

In this scene, we see Tony with a girl very submissive to the orders of him, Tony picks up a party and takes her to his apartment.

Tony manages to slowly warm up his lover with kisses and caresses, then she comes fully to her loved one with a lot of intensity and passion.

This is the first installment of this series where we see Tony with different lovers enjoy sex without limits.


duration: 54min