Lupe , My Maid Became My Naughty Lover (#cod 598)

A cute 25-year-old girl named Guadalupe from Oaxaca comes dressed in a sexy red babydoll to her ex-boss’s room since she became his lover after working as a maid  for a few months.

Here , we see them with great confidence since he separated from his ex-wife to be with his young lover full time every time he comes from work and needs the caresses and kisses that his ex-wife did not give him.

Watching the full video, everything seems to indicate that the real reason to stay with her is for the good sex that she offers him from good blowjobs to enjoying every second when they both fuck with great intensity.

More and more these things happen in our beloved country where young girls  from southern states come to the largest cities to work and  become lovers then girlfriends and finally marry their mature boss.

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Duration: 16min

Resolution: 1280 x 720  /  Size: 207 MB