Dr. Sifuentes and his Hot Private Nurse (#cod 234)

A very typical scene within hospitals or health centers here in Mexico, the clandestine relationship between doctor and nurse after working hours.

Dr. Sifuentes works in a hospital in Mexico City and he has as office assistant to a lovely young girl of 24 years, she fully supports and makes the whole job very quickly and efficiently.

For these reasons, this doctor fell in love with her and after several eating out, They decided to combine their love even though this doctor is a married man with children.

Here , we see them in a room of a hotel on the outskirts of Mexico City unleashing uncontrollable passions.

The nurse begins an intense oral sex giving her man while he enjoying all the pleasure that she makes.

Next, the nurse is very excited and She begins to fuck the doctor raring mad passion for hardcore sex in different sexual positions until reach orgasm.

When the forbidden love and desire come together, we can see such scenes.


duration: 24min