My Shy Young Maid from Oaxaca (#cod 584)

A 38-year-old businessman has a sexual encounter with his shy 20 y/o maid who had just arrived from Oaxaca city 1 month ago.

In order not to raise suspicions about his wife, they both go to a hotel a little way from the city with the car and when they get to the room they both indulge in the passion of the moment.

At first, she is somewhat nervous due to her shyness and innocence like all countrywomen in Mexico , but little by little with the caresses and kisses of her mature lover, she will be able to relax more and enjoy the moment of pleasure.

There is no doubt that after this meeting, she gained the confidence of her boss to continue working at home and to continue studying in the capital without the financial problems she had in her town.

duration: 32min