Mexican Couple Invites a New Girl at Home – Part 1 (#cod 341)

A married couple invites a bisexual girl to make a threesome at home in Mexico DF. This couple met this girl at a party swinger and since then they have seen at least 2 times and friendship between them has grown more and more.

The wife of 28 years old is a bisexual girl, she’m delighted with this girl for her beautiful body and her loving behavior.

It was the idea of the wife to call this girl and with her husband share an exciting threesome where the husband fuck the two girls with great enthusiasm at the same time.

Such is the confidence that they have that at one point in the scene, the wife left the room for a moment and they start to fuck alone in the room and also the confidence of not using condoms during all night long.

This married couple sometimes placed ads looking for girls for make a threesome at the request of the wife. A scene with a lot of adrenaline from the beginning to the end and totally amateur.


duration: 30min