Sharing My Wife with a Black Guy (#cod 193)

A married couple in the city of Tijuana to the north east of Mexico invited to their home to a black to a trio on a Saturday night.

This couple met this black guy in a bar close to the city center where many American tourists come to meet girls in the area.

This couple is very liberal minded and they have a taste of experiencing several things to avoid falling into the sexual routine every day and keep your sex life in very good condition.

All three are going to a very discreet and take some beer shots before the sexual encounter.

First, the husband record them to black guy and his wife , he is excited watching the scene, after he joins in bed with them and do a nice threesome.

Tijuana to be close to the city of San Diego each year thousands of American tourists come and is the city that offers more sexual services such as swinger club, prostitution, erotic events , etc.


duration: 23min