Wife Cheating One Month After Getting Married – Part 1 (#Cod 488)

A busty wife is recorded by her foreign lover when she goes to his apartment with a sexy floral dress to spend a few hours relaxing with him one month after getting married.

At first, she thinks about it a bit because she feels a little confused by the fact of cheating on her husband for the first time, then with the sweet words and caresses of her lover, she manages to be more relaxed and ready for a sex session.

We are going to see a very intense sex scene because there is something more than a carnal desire between both, it is almost as if both were a couple in love and a very important point: they do it skin to skin without using condoms.

In the end, she will get all the cum of her lover on her big tits with great pleasure and then she will dress quickly so as not to raise suspicions of her husband for the time that she was away from home, in other words……. she is a real bitch !!


duration: 23min