Mexican Gigolo and Wealthy Mature Lady (#cod 213)

A gigolo of 32 y/o has a sexual service with a beautiful lady of 50 y/o at a hotel in Mexico City. It is the third sexual encounter between the lady and her young lover and We can see that there is a loving relationship beyond sex because they give kisses and caresses each other.

In this scene, We hear how the lady promised her lover that she will leave to her husband in a few months and then she will go to live with her young lover.

This lady has a body very well kept and attractive for everyday training that she does in the gym and healthy food.

They will have a sexual encounter passionate because both are not seen after 2 weeks due to busy work of the lady.

Gradually , high class ladies are becoming more liberal about sex like men and They want to have boyfriends or lovers to young guys.

In the city of Mexico is becoming more common to see this kind of couples where the woman pays the cost of their male lovers in exchange for a night of sexual passion.


duration: 32min