I Met Two Mexicans Girls at the Disco (#cod 448)

An architect from a large American company comes to Mexico for work and on a night of fun he meets two pretty young girls in a disco very close to the hotel where he is staying.

After having spent an enjoyable and fun night on the disc, they decide to go to a less noisy place and continue the party around 3 in the morning and for that purpose they go to the hotel where we will witness of an exciting threesome.

Very apart from his profession as an architect, this mature and muscular man has aspirations to become a porn star and for that reason he places two cameras to have two different views of this great sexual encounter.

The two girls at all times touch with much desire the muscular body of their foreign friend while each of them is fucking with him as a sign that they are having a good time.

There is a very funny part of the scene where the chubby girl does not want to have anal sex because her friend has a very big cock , she says: “that’s going to hurt my little ass” but the other girl accepts if he ends up fucking very hard in her pussy first.

After a short break, they return to the action and ends with a spectacular and intense scene with the two girls together very excited to have had this beautiful and unique experience with their mature lover of a crazy summer night.



duration: 28min