60 years Grandma and her Young Tenant (#cod 431)

During these last years there are more and more cases of older women having a sexual or loving relationship with young guys in our society, perhaps due to the great mental openness of women in these times and also to feel again the energies of youth in their lives.

In this video we will see a divorced and mature woman of 60 years have a quick sexual encounter with her young tenant of 25 years in the city of Merida , Yucatan.

She enters his room and wakes him up to talk some things because she lives alone in the big house she rents, after a few minutes both warm up and the young student asks her to suck his cock to wake up his asleep sexual desires due to the fatigue of work in the university.

Then , the whole scene becomes a constant to receive and give sex by both being the granny very intense and eager to satisfy her uncontrollable sexual desire at all times until he cums in her big tits.

Maybe after this, she will not charge him the rent of the month or in any case she will give him a discount every time she wants to fuck with her young lover.


duration: 21min