“El Chente” Juarez and his Lovely Girlfriends – Series I (#cod 214)

This is a collection of videos where the main character is a guy very addicted to sex called “El Chente” Juarez sharing his intimacy with his girlfriends from the northern city of Chihuahua.

“El Chente” Juarez is a lover of northern tropical music and one of his favorite singer is Vicente Fernandez is well known as a womanizer and lover of the good life.

In this first scene, we see him with one of his girlfriends named Cristina loving in a hotel in Ciudad Juarez, this girl is a bit shy, she is a single mother of 26 year old.

She is entering confidence gradually as time passes and also to the nice words of “El Chente”. After the scene, He’ll smoke a marijuana cigarette after the session amatory and summon her lover for another romantic encounter in the next week.


duration: 69min