Lost Cell Phones Videos – Series II (#cod 205)

Continue with this series that is causing a sensation in our gallery of home videos. In this video, we see a couple in a compromising scene recorded in a hotel in the city of Campeche.

The girl in the video works in Pemex Oil Company as an accounting assistant. This scene was shot in the bedroom of the girl on a Saturday night, she is very eager to have sex with her boyfriend and thus relax the days of hard work during the day working.

In a part of the scene, she answers the phone explaining some details of her work to another partner while with the other hand grabs her boyfriend’s cock and gives him a blowjob with pleasure.

After that, both are given to sex with passion until the guy comes in her mouth after almost an hour of fucking together.

This cellphone was found on the bus route Coyoacan.


duration: 32min