My GF is a Doctor and Taller than Me (#cod 573)

A 42-year-old man has a sexual date with his girlfriend, a beautiful doctor who is younger and taller than him from the living room of his apartment in the city of Monterrey.

Every time she comes to her house it is because she has to work in the hospital that is very close to there and at night both of them relax each other after having a stressful day in their respective work centers.

It is very difficult to watch this type of videos where the woman is taller than the man but we will see that she adapts very easily to sexual positions, her very long legs will not be an impediment to having a super night full of intense sex.

When she is in the hospital she shows a very serious personality there but here with her mature lover, she is the most submissive and she gets undergoes the intense sex sessions of her boyfriend, enjoying every time she feels the cock.

duration: 26min