Intense ANAL Until Shit Come Out (#cod 572)

A couple stays in a hostel after having drunk and danced in a club but the man feels like having an anal session with his girlfriend but she is tired because it is almost dawn on CDMX and she has to work as a nurse later.

Little by little she is waking up by the gentle caresses of her boyfriend and also by the great love that she has for him, pleasing him in his crazy desires, then she will prepare her ass with a cream for the expected anal encounter.

We note that it is not the first time that they have an anal, at the beginning the movements are slow but as time goes by and much more lubrication in that area,  becomes more intense to the point of taking shit out of the ass for much pumping with his cock in that  zone.

A wise advice folks, when you have an anal with your girlfriend or whatever, ask her to go to the bathroom first so we will avoid bad times and enjoy a lot , unless you like those strange pleasures.

duration: 12min