My Housekeeper is a Good Masseuse – Part 2 (#cod 469)

This is the second part of this cute and submissive housekeeper or as we say in Mexico: “la chacha” together again with her old employer, in this scene, the situation will get hotter than the previous one.

Here , we see her enters to the room of the employer in the morning, she starts giving him some massages with coconut oil and after a few minutes comes the best part.

As in the previous video, she is very shy in the beginning but with the sweet words that her employer tells her, she becomes calmer and agrees to have sex with him in the same bed.

We will see that she likes to have sex because she enjoys it , only because of her shyness she can not express what she feels but inside she is a horny bitch hidden in a shy and helpful girl.


duration: 27 min