My Young Housemaid Loves Anal (#cod 561)

A scene that is repeated many times in Mexico, when the housemaid is young and lives in a room inside the boss’s house, a more intimate relationship arises than in other workplaces.

Here , we will see a cute and young 23 year old girl having a quicky  with her 45 year old boss, he enters her room and confidently lifts her skirt to see that young ass and prepare her for an intense anal session.

At first impression, it seems that it is not the first time that this divorced man has had a sexual encounter with his maid because there is a lot of trust between them.

In the end, he manages to cum on her ass and she takes off the semen using an Asian technique, it is likely that both have a more serious relationship or that she goes to work with another boss because she already has her boyfriend.

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duration: 12min